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Community Supports

"..young people need a variety of supports and experiences to develop their full potential, and these supports need to be provided across multiple settings, including but not limited to schools and families...the research shows that well-designed and well-implemented [out-of-school time] programs do improve the outcomes that they target, both academic and nonacademic." Toward Excellence with Equity, 2007, Ronald Ferguson


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AGI Projects on Community Supports

Collective Impact: The AGI is conducting a study of the role of foundations in collective impact efforts. Collective impact is the current-day label for cross-sector systems change leadership efforts aimed at reorganizing how resources are used to improve the quality of life in targeted communities. Raising achievement and narrowing gaps is a major focus of such efforts, many of which have a cradle-to-career focus on helping young people prepare for life. Working with a regional foundation and drawing upon a number of organizations around the nation, the AGI will produce a report identifying major themes and challenges in making collective impact efforts successful.