The Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University


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AGI Conferences


The AGI convenes Research-to-Practice conferences to present new research on topics related to the achievement gap and to share successful practice.


Conference presentations are videotaped and added to the AGI video library. The AGI published three reports based on the 2008, 2009, and 2013 conferences. Click on the conference links below to browse conference agendas, presentations, and reports.




2013 "Creating Pathways to Prosperity: A Direction-Setting Conference at Harvard University" Agenda Videos Report
2011 "Sharing Knowledge to Enable Effective Parenting: Messages and Mechanisms from Research and Practice" Agenda Videos  
2009 "Why Teachers Improve (and How): High School Supervision and Professional Community Toward Excellence with Equity" Agenda Videos Report
2008 "Getting it Done! Raising Achievement and Closing Gaps in Whole School Systems: Recent Advances in Research and Practice" Agenda Videos Report
2007 "Structures, Cultures, and Achievement Gaps: New Research with Implications for Public Engagement" Agenda Videos  
2006 "Defining the Achievement Gap Challenge: Rights, Opportunities and Responsibilities" Agenda Videos