The Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University


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The following is a list of researchers at Harvard and other leading universities whose research focuses on the nation's achievement gaps. These scholars represent a cross section of academic disciplines--education, economics, public and social policy, sociology and law. They represent the broad base of research and knowledge necessary to understanding the complex issues contributing to achievement gaps.


Click on the scholar's last name to learn more about their work.

Last Name First Name Institution
Aronson Joshua New York University
Avery Christopher Harvard University
Balfanz Robert Johns Hopkins University
Barbarin Oscar University of Maryland
Beardslee William Harvard University
Carter Prudence UC Berkeley
Clotfelter Charles Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy, Duke University
Cohen Cathy University of Chicago
Darity William Duke University
Diamond John University of Wisconsin-Madision
Elmore Richard Harvard University
Ferguson Ronald Harvard University
Fryer Roland Harvard University
Gosa Travis Cornell University
Harris Douglas Tulane University
Hehir Thomas Harvard Graduate School of Education
Hess Frederick American Enterprise Institute
Hochschild Jennifer Harvard University
Hoxby Caroline Stanford University
Jacob Brian University of Michigan
Kane Thomas Harvard University
Koretz Daniel Harvard University
Landry Susan University of Texas
Lang Kevin Boston University
Lewis Amanda University of Illinois at Chicago
Long Bridget Terry Harvard University
Loury Glenn Brown University
Luttrell Wendy City University of New York
Mapp Karen Harvard University
Mickelson Roslyn Arlin University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Murnane Richard Harvard University
Norton Dodie University of Chicago
Orfield Gary UCLA
Oyserman Daphna University of Southern California
Patterson Orlando Harvard University
Peterson Paul Harvard University
Pollock Mica UC San Diego
Quint Janet MDRC
Rivkin Steven University of Illinois-Chicago
Roderick Melissa University of Chicago
Rothstein Richard Economic Policy Institute
Schneider Barbara Michigan State University
Snipes Jason WestEd
Stuart-Wells Amy Columbia University
Suarez-Orozco Marcelo UCLA
Suarez-Orozco Carola UCLA
Tinto Vincent Syracuse University
Warren Mark University of Massachusetts
Weissbourd Richard Harvard University
Yoshikawa Hirokazu New York University